The Wireless Office

by Nov 7, 2017News and Events

За да прочетете статията на български, кликнете тук. 

We all know what LAN, WiFi and a Mobile Network are. We rarely use cables anymore even we’re proud of being “Wireless”.

But do we all know how to turn the absence of a “wire” to our benefit? Or it will destroy our team’s productivity? Do we know how to automate everyday processes using Wireless Communications?

Novatel’s Free Webinar about the Wireless Office will happen on 10th of November at 14:00h. There you’ll learn:

  • Are the Wireless Communications reliable?
  • How to improve the Office Productivity through Wireless Communications?
  • How can we prevent the overloading in the Office Wireless Network?
  • How to ease the office processes through IoT devices?

Our host will be Todor Georgiev – an expert in the IT field with great experience and currently working as Business Development & Technology Director of Novatel. His presentations are brief but very practical and useful. So, don’t be late!

To watch our Webinar, click here! 

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