The flawless operation and high performance of the network infrastructure determines every company’s productivity.
Every manager’s dream is to have focused teams which don’t get distracted by occasional drops in Internet connectivity or inability to use their PCs due to unplanned network maintenance and repairs.

At the same time, providing the wireless freedom and flexibility for the mobile employees and visiting partners to seamlessly connect to the network resources means more happy clients and more business.

While no one can precisely measure how much time employees loose in fighting with connectivity or access difficulties it is 100% sure that getting back this time for actual work activities will increase the total company performance.

Managed Office Network by Novatel is a part of the integrated “ICT-in-a-Box” service by Novatel. The integrated service offers seamless customer experience with multiple components that cover the most important parts of the IT infrastructure.

What Is It?

Managed Office Network is a service that consists of two main parts:

  • installation and setup of high-quality network equipment by a qualified team;
  • 24×7 remote monitoring, management and troubleshooting of customer’s LAN and WLAN.

The essence of the Managed Office Network includes a continuous monitoring of the performance of the network and a response within the agreed time for troubleshooting. Thus, the customer counts on a consistent support at the highest level possible and assigns tasks to the recruited IT staff related to the constructive development of their business.

Who Is It For?

The customers who can benefit at a maximum extent from Novatel’s Managed Office Network service include:

Companies with no IT staff or looking to completely outsource the network administration tasks & activities.

Businesses that are about to build a completely new LAN/WLAN infrastructure (e.g. in their new office).

Companies or sites with existing infrastructures, looking to refresh the hardware due to:

  • presence of end-of-support equipment;
  • need to upgrade Wired LAN access performance from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet;
  • migration to IEEE 11ac (5GHz) Wi-Fi standard;
  • need of advanced management of the WLAN access and security.

Rock Solid Benefits

The Managed Office Network service by Novatel changes the way your company uses and manages LAN infrastructure for good. Now you can take advantage the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed network infrastructure performance – 24х7.
  • Available access for a required number of users without additional investment in equipment.
  • Scalable and quick to deploy solution that releases valuable IT human resource for more constructive projects.
  • Reduced commitments and maintenance costs, incl. the need to constantly increase the number of IT experts.
  • No hidden costs or long-term commitments – you only pay a fixed monthly fee.
  • Professional protection from hackers and malicious software with our Next Generation Managed Firewall (optional).

The Best Experience in The Industry

Novatel is proud of its highly skilled team and ability to offer wider expertise and set of services exceeding the capabilities of other small and medium system integrators and IT service companies. Novatel has a fully-packed team of experts in all needed areas – IT security, networks, voice – every aspect of the IT infrastructure. The Novatel’s expertise is based on a team of profiled experts, not on a single specialist.

A Part of The Total “ICT-In-A-Box” Solution

Novatel’s Managed Network Security is another component of the “ICT-in-a-box” total solution. It is fully compatible with the Flexible Business Services, Business Internet, Managed Office Network services by Novatel.

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