The growing number of various Internet threats is usually unrecognized by the company management until a risk situation arises.
Loosing data or stopping the normal workflow for recovery is not a feasible option for any business, offering prompt customer service.

At the same time, a key to achieve optimal efficiency is to pursue work focus and dedication from every employee by limiting the access to non-work-related Internet resources.

The main “guardian” which protects and separates your corporate network from all kinds of threats is the firewall. This software/hardware combination is vital for the secure Internet communication and requires expert management and constant monitoring.

Novatel’s Managed Firewall is a last generation solution which is being set and configured by certified and experienced IT experts. It guarantees hacker attacks protection while at the same time provides valuable analytical information for improvement.

What is it?

Managed Network Security by Novatel is a complete solution which includes all the needed hardware, software configuration and 24×7 monitoring of the operation.

Once the firewall is implemented into the network, off-site analysts manage all areas of firewall maintenance, including software updates and troubleshooting. If any possible security issues arise, they are addressed immediately. Novatel’s Managed Network Security offers rapid response to any necessary changes in security policy, attacks on the network, or reconfigurations necessitated by user changes. The firewall’s performance, as well as the accompanying support, can be evaluated by the reports provided.

Who Is It For?

The Managed Network Security is best suited for small and medium size companies. It is particularly efficient for starting business and firms without sufficient know-how and dedicated IT human resources.

Among the customers that can hugely benefit from the service, are:

  • Logistics companies
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Software development companies
  • Service based businesses (BPO, accounting and law firms, utility management, etc.)

Must Have Benefits

By offering the highest level of competence and maximum flexibility in terms of usage and payment Novatel’s Managed Network Security can provide the following benefits to your business:

  • Guaranteed protection from hacker attacks and malware/viruses.
  • Non-stop monitoring of the performance of the firewall which is otherwise expensive for internal implementation. This means no risk at all times even when there is no local IT administrator available (vacation, sick leave, etc.)
  • No need to invest in own hardware, licenses and expert education.
  • Automatic updates with the newest versions and functionalities.
  • Off-load of the available IT staff which can be engaged with other important tasks.
  • Only one fixed monthly fee.

A Part of the Total “ICT-In-A-Box” Solution

Novatel’s Managed Network Security is another component of the “ICT-in-a-box” total solution. It is fully compatible with the Flexible Business Services, Business Internet, Managed Office Network services by Novatel.


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