Novatel transform their market strategy to ensure complete customer satisfaction when using integrated services

by Oct 20, 2016News and Events

The focus of the company is shifted from offering classic telecom products to comprehensive services for business clients, which are much easier to use and maintain. The realization of this important step in the development of the company is entrusted to Todor Georgiev who is the Business Development Manager and the Technical Director, too. Mr. Georgiev has considerable experience in systems integration and is a familiar name in the field. According to him,: “The new realities of the market shows that clients want quality services from a provider. They wish to obtain accurate cost planning, guaranteed performance of services, minimal costs and commitments in implementing them and the least points for maintenance.”

To meet all these requirements, Novatel has developed and now offers a successful full range of integrated services that change the notions of the client about the level of the service received. A key advantage of the whole range of solutions offered is their hundred percent compatibility so that, regardless of the type and number of services that the client decides to use, he gets full guarantee of performance, proven equipment and professional setting of the systems. The overall design and implementation of a particular decision is taken by Novatel which determines only one point of contact in need of maintenance, whatever the nature of the situation is.

Thus, the business clients from small and medium scale are given the opportunity to use technological solutions of the highest level as well as guaranteed support without any significant capital investment. Novatel defines this as a new user experience that forever puts aside the uncertainty and losses in case of a crash of the provided by different providers communication systems of the clients.

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