Novatel solved many strategic challenges when establishing the Mundus Services Information Infrastructure

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The leader in integrated facility management services has chosen a complex solution from one supplier

About Mundus Services
Mundus services AD is an investment of two of the biggest funds for equity investment in Bulgaria and the region – Empower Capital and KJK Capital, which, together with Lachezar Petrov, have founded the largest company for integrated facility management services in Bulgaria through the acquisition of Facility Optimum Bulgaria and Vicky Comfort 2004 OOD. The company has over 2500 employees and serves more than 300 corporate customers, which places it far ahead of its competitors on the Bulgarian market.

Business case
The founding of the new company Mundus Services is the right time for strategic planning of IT infrastructure. The new shareholders in the face of Empower Capital and KJK Capital consider this challenge not a formality but a responsible decision to lay the groundwork for future expansion of the company by building a completely new strategic development plan based on the best international practices.
At the time of the foundation of Mundus Services, the situation, as far as information connectivity is concerned, is rather complicated. It is necessary to build general communications between four remote offices (which until now have used different telecom providers), to create conditions for information exchange between the two companies involved in the merger, having in mind that they neither use common and standardized information systems, nor have enough IT staff to implement the integration. The task includes construction of Ethernet and wireless network infrastructure in the new building of the company in Sofia.
Along with the provision of network connectivity and Internet access, Mundus Services requires building a common cloud platform to provide email service functioning and performance of the ERP solution subject to implementation. Some other interesting projects related exclusively to IT provision, such as development of a mobile application to help the employees prepare quick reports on services performed with the clients, are also an order of the day for the company.
Mundus Services rely on complete outsourcing to build the information infrastructure for a very short period – only four months, which included the design and the implementation of the systems.

Novatel – a partner and not just a provider
These tasks can be solved only by a provider of complete solutions with a solid experience. Less than 10 companies answered the initial inquiry and their number was further reduced after setting the short time for the implementation of the project .
Novatel not only managed to implement fast communication and flexible bidding, but proved to be a suitable contractor by offering integrated services. The factor that plays a key role is that Novatel as well as Mundus Services are faithful to the principle “we will take care of everything related to the services we offer.” Thus, Novatel is committed to consulting related to the establishment of the new cloud platform and actually takes the main role in the development of the project, which saves the customer the necessity to hire additional IT staff.

Realization beyond expectations
Novatel not only manages to build the necessary network connections and to deliver the relevant equipment on time, but is also engaged with specific services related to the migration to the new cloud platform. This includes the transfer of the electronic mailboxes of the employees to the new virtual server that uses Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory.
In connection with the implementation of the project for providing information infrastructure, Mr Slavcho Parushev, representative of Empower Capital and member of the Board of Directors of Mundus Services, says: „ We require from our suppliers what we ourselves offer our clients. As part of the new strategic plan for development of the company, we have completely changed the focus of the services offered. Our main aim and motto is to allow our clients to concentrate on their core business while we are taking care of their other needs. ”

Success factors
What differentiates Novatel from the competitive suppliers, is the feasibility of offering a package of integrated services with guaranteed performance:
a full range of telecom services;
comprehensive virtual infrastructure for securing cloud services;
guaranteed security when accessing cloud services;
complete monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure;
regulated response to a problem and virtual replacement of IT employees when they are on leave or on sick leave.

Mundus Services get from Novatel exactly what they need – a provider responsible for the overall IT infrastructure, minimum cost of hiring and training its own maintenance staff and reliable cloud platform on which to build their future innovative IT projects.

If you want to take advantage of the unique benefits of the managed services offered by Novatel, contact us for a free consultation at or +3592 986 04 05.

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