Novatel offers a new cloud service for small and medium businesses with top-level equipment and maintenance

by Oct 15, 2016News and Events

Novatel has started to develop the new type of services specifically designed for small and medium businesses, which represent complete solutions including fully compatible hardware and software components and professional configuration, monitoring and management by qualified professionals. Thus customer saves the need to buy separate hardware and software as well as a significant part of the human resources and time needed for setup and management.

The first service is a private cloud, implemented with hardware and software from leading manufacturers. Novatel use know-how and access to technologies of the parent company – Deutsche Telekom, to offer universal virtual server whose performance is guaranteed by continuous monitoring and regulated response time in case of problems. The hardware that provides the operation of the servers is Cisco. The systems used for data storage are EMC, and the software capabilities are backed by decisions of VMware. The systems operate at optimal conditions for work in an environment with controlled temperature, humidity and access protection on several levels, incl. security guards. This ensures optimal performance and reliability, while skilled professionals of Novatel care for proper configuration and operation of the entire cloud solution. Thus the client saves the need for communication with various providers because the responsibility for the operation of the cloud and connectivity to it is assumed and guaranteed by Novatel.

Our consultants are ready to present the benefits of the cloud solution of Novatel and send you a price offer as soon as possible. You can contact them by phone: +3592 986 04 05 or email:

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