Novatel offers a managed firewall with a free trial

by Oct 27, 2016News and Events

The use of the Internet is both a necessity and risk. Novatel launch a pilot service for the deployment of a firewall that can quite accurately determine threats coming from the Internet and give a lot of useful information. It is part of a portfolio of integrated services and is completely compatible with each managed solution to Novatel.

The firewall of one of the leaders in this field – CheckPoint, is suitable for small and medium-sized companies that want to get a detailed report on the Internet usage of their employees, to optimize their work and especially for specific threats from viruses and malware that attack corporate network. The work of the firewall is presented in the form of regular statements where all the important parameters of Internet access can be traced. This is important both for IT administrators seeking to protect and optimize the access of their employees and the managerial staff that want to improve work efficiency.
The use of proven reliable and properly configured firewall is one hundred percent necessity for companies who want to protect their data.

The managed firewall of Novatel complements the perception of the clients for guaranteed security and strengthens their confidence that their corporate infrastructure is ready for the risks Internet hides. Thus they receive the necessary peace of mind knowing that they can rely on a professional team to respond to external threat.
Novatel offers a free trial of its service, which includes continuous monitoring of the performance of the firewall and adequate reactions to the appearance of external risks.

You can state your wish to try the service “managed firewall” by phone: +3592 986 04 05 or email

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