Email Marketing Policy

We at Novatel commit ourselves to providing the best services, so we strive to maintain the trust you are voting on. Personal data protection is very important to us.

Under EU Regulation 679/2016, the email address is considered to be “personal data”. For this reason, in this document, we will provide you with information about processing your personal data when using email marketing. We will not send unsolicited advertising messages to you and we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that We fully protect your rights and comply with our obligations under the Regulation.

1. What is “Email Marketing”?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, and uses e-mail to send a list of email addresses as a way to distribute commercial messages to an audience. Any email sent to a potential client for advertising purposes can be considered as part of the email marketing activities.

2. The Double Opt In Procedure

We strive to use only good practices in email marketing. For this reason, the provision of email addresses for Novatel’s marketing purposes is only possible through their own volition and them actively subscribing to our database. That way, users personally declare their willingness to receive messages from us. For user registration, we use the so-called double opt-in principle. In this case, the user confirms twice manually and clearly that they wish to receive information from us. The process is as follows:

  1. The user enters his / her data into an online registration form;
  2. Press the registration button.
  3. The e-mail marketing system sends an automatic message to the email address specified by the user, which contains a link (in the form of a button) to activate the registration.
  4. The user clicks on the link and thus confirms his wish to be registered.
  5. Once all these steps are met, the user becomes part of Novatel’s database and can receive commercial and informational messages.
  6. The user may at any time unsubscribe from the list and refuse to receive any messages from us. This is done by clicking on the link that is provided at the bottom of each sent message.


3. Right of withdrawal

Consumers who have agreed to receive information from us through emails may withdraw their consent at any time with effect in the future without giving any reason.

Users may withdraw their consent to specific marketing communications or to all of our lists. To do so, simply click on the “Unsubscribe” link, located at the bottom of each letter sent by us, which is available upon receipt of a registration confirmation.

Alternatively, users may send us a request to withdraw consent to email Once the consumer withdraws his / her consent, no commercial emails will be sent to him / her unless he / she asks again.

4. Policy changes with “email marketing”

When making substantial changes and / or additions to this e-mail marketing policy, “NOVATEL undertakes to notify users within one month of publishing the changes to the current site and notification via email. Upon expiry of this period, the modified and / or additional terms of this email marketing policy apply to users. This information is summarized and provided in connection with our efforts to comply with the requirements of the latest legal provisions and to ensure that we are open and honest with respect to the confidentiality of user data. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about this email marketing policy, please email

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