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Since its founding by the Magyar Telecom, Novatel has proven to be a successful business partner to Bulgarian companies. Now we are more determined than ever.

What we offer?

Our wide range of network services, including, software firewalls, full Ethernet coverage, big and small Telefony internal networks and so. Much. More.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

We have our fully owned DWDM network with 39 PoPs in the largest Bulgarian cities. Also our backbone network extends to several border-crossing interconnects with Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and Greece. This “network freedom” allows us to offer products with highest German Quality.

The high performance IPv4/IPv6 IP network and IP Transit service provides direct access to Novatel peering partners and International upstream Internet providers. We also offer a 24/7 full support.

Full speed national and international Ethernet coverage. Based on our MPLS network with presence in more than 30 cities throughout Bulgaria, Novatel provides an extensive portfolio of Ethernet services. As part of Deutsche Telekom Group our Ethernet services are available across the entire DT Group global network footprint. Whether you look for off-net (B end) connectivity in Bulgaria or for global Ethernet coverage we are the right partner.

Novatel supports an advanced NTest FiberWatchTM Remote Fiber Test System (RTFS) across its network. The system detects proactively fiber degradation before any faults occur and the exact location of fiber breaks. Therefore, your leased line capacity is ensured with the highest quality and service availability.

Novatel Dark Fiber services provide you the flexibility to have full control of your network. The choice of network equipment vendor, transport technology and higher level network protocols is in your hands. We offer a lease of G652 and G655 Dark Fiber pairs in number of cities.

Novatel has 39 communication facilities throughout Bulgaria designed with resilient power supply including UPS and generators, temperature and humidity control, fire suppression and security control. All facilities are constantly monitored 24×7 by Novatel`s NOC ensuring high availability, reliability and continuity of your systems. Novatel provides colocation service in 30 of them which cover the main cities in Bulgaria.

Maybe you want a complete solution for your business? We can help you there, too:

Every manager knows that if you have more than five employees, you need a reliable and flexible business server. Novatel can deliver that with German quality and German maintenance. The Flexible Business Server is a cloud service that provides all the benefits of an in-house server – performance, connectivity, flexibility, easy access – but for the fraction of the cost, with rock solid reliability and simple, intuitive management interface. You have access to virtually unlimited resources, but you pay only for what you are using.

Have you read the article in Novatel’s blog about the most dangerous computer viruses? Well, if you have Managed Firewall by Novatel, you’ll have no worries! The managed firewall of Novatel is a solution of latest generation, which is configured and serviced by certified experts with years of experience.. Not only does the firewall ensure safe protection of your network from hacker attacks, but also provides valuable analytical information that gives guidance on improving its functioning.

How effectively do you manage communication with customers and employees? To achieve maximum efficiency, you need a consolidated solution that makes all employees part of the unitary ecosystem the company. Modern communication technologies allow not to miss to answer a single inquiry and the clients to be always serviced by the right person.

The managed voice services of Novatel offer rich opportunities to accelerate your business in several ways:

  • 1/ The most modern communication technologies, only for a monthly fee!
  • 2/ Efficiency of a new dimension!
  • 3/ Significantly reduced expenses that you can plan.
  • 4/ Exemplary flexibility.

The successful manager requires from the employees to do their best, but he must provide them with optimal working conditions so that they could show their entire working potential. Does your team have a trouble-free access to official information? Do you know how much time your employees spend on coping with problems related to network infrastructure?

If you need to send data between your offices, share centralizes systems and resources, but you are concerned about you corporate security, and want to only focus on your core business, you need the Novatel`s VPN service. We can make your business applications available anytime, from anywhere, and with the right quality and security.

Novatel`s fully managed VPN service provide you an efficient, scalable and reliable way of connecting your offices. Based on MPLS technology, your data is 100% isolated assuring the maximum level of security to your business. In addition to that we provide you additional value services such as Quality of Service (QoS), Centralized Business Internet and Remote User connectivity with guaranteed levels of performance. Check out the main benefits of Novatel’s BPN here.

Take your business into a higher speed level.

The Internet has become a key factor for business success. Via our Business Internet platform your business connects to the World’s Internet backbone in a reliable and secure way. Benefits of Business Internet:

    1. Mixed access to the Internet (Bulgarian/International)
    2. Unlimited access at maximum speed
    3. Symetrical speed – upload/download
    4. Guaranteed speed – no capacity sharing
    5. High reliability and availability
    6. 24×7 support

That is the essential of Novatel’s business solutions. And the best part is that we are just getting started! More to come soon!

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