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Novatel’s Managed IP PBX started work just four weeks after the offer request.


Novatel’s Managed IP PBX started work just four weeks after the offer request. OK Market chose Novatel’s integrated services, because of their certified quality.

About OK Market

‘OK Market’ LTD is a company specialized exclusively in sales and marketing of products for personal use. The company started its activity in 2017 with a customer support center, based in Sofia. OK Market sells foods, food supplements and cosmetics, through Cash On Delivery method.

The company uses Novatel’s “Business Internet” for almost 2 years. The quality of the Internet service and the commitment of Novatel are the reasons for requesting a IP PBX offer for the new customer support center.


Business Case

OK Market needs reliable and profitable international telephone service for its new office, where the customer support center will be open. At first there are going to work 7 people with expectancy of 20 employees by the end of 2017. The company needs both IP Telephony and PBX, which manages incoming calls and offers additional functionalities, like recording calls and employee mobility. A particular feature is the requirement that the equipment does not have to be localized in the call center, and possibly outsourced and offered as a service, instead of stand-alone hardware. That is exactly what Novatel’s “Managed Office Communication” Service offers.

Requirements to the supplier

OK Market had very specific requirements regarding Central and Eastern Europe phone tariffs. They presented reports containing information for their call quantity and call length in every destination in Europe which made calculating the right figures very easy. At the same time the company wanted a service with guaranteed quality, backed up by Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The deadline was also an issue – less than a month after the initial contact for requesting an offer.

OK Market contacted three suppliers and all of them confirmed that they can manage to close the deal on time. What made Novatel the winner is their fast response, personal engagement and their background as a reliable supplier of managed services. Novatel immediately began consulting the client and with the help of their experienced team quickly generated an offer, based on the specific client’s needs. The commitments related to the availability of the service and the operability of the managed PBX are backed by the SLA agreement.

Kiril Mantovski, Manager of OK Market told us more about the selection of their supplier:

“Novatel’s main advantage was the already built trust due to their quick and on time maintenance of their Business Internet for our headquarters. The SLA agreement and the smooth usage of their remote managed service were crucial for our decision. As an added value, Novatel offered their personal engagement, excellent communication during the negotiation of terms, so we didn’t hesitate which supplier to choose for our case.”

Implementation Process

After signing the contract for the “Managed Office Communication” service, Novatel provided Internet access in a very brief period of time, created the architecture of their solution and configured their equipment in their Data Center, followed by series of field tests with the client’s equipment (Linux PCs) and additional configuration of the platform to work with the open-source OS. The challenge here was the diversified hardware in the computer systems, specifically – the various sound controllers, which interacted differently with the platform.

Another important detail – the computer equipment and the network infrastructure in OK Market’s office are maintained by another company. This situation required efficient coordination and successful on-site cooperation until the solution is completely configured and fully operating. The implementation process was transparent for the client and did not require additional resources – while completing the order, only the call center manager controls the process. After being transferred to real work conditions, the Managed Office Communication solution does not require on-site maintenance and I.T. human resources. This feature is part of the Novatel’s 24/7 support.

Novatel provides consulting during the device selection for IP telephony, offering different solutions of previously tested equipment in terms of ergonomics and functionality.

Maximum Flexibility due to modern IP platform

The integrated managed PBX works successfully since the end of April 2017. In the last few months a mobile client for Windows laptops and Android mobile devices has also been developed.

“It turns out that the flexibility to use mobile device system gives us numerous advantages. That way we can provide an operator, fluent in specific language, even when he/she is not in the office or to give our employees the opportunity to complete their daily tasks when they are out of the office for personal reasons. In addition we can hire employees who live in other cities, or students who can work from home. In every possible situation we have the statistics needed and reports for employees’ effectiveness.”

Mantovski added.

If you want to take advantage of the unique benefits of the managed services offered by Novatel, contact us for a free consultation. 


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